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Apartment Vysoká Lípa

Dear visitor, welcome to our web site.

Do you wish to spend a dream vacation in one of the most beautiful corners of the Czech Republic? Are you after the romantic charms of the nature’s best sceneries admired by many artists for centuries? Then you need not search any longer, for Bohemian Switzerland is just such a place.

You will find many tourist attractions in this area, including:

  • castles and chateaus
  • watchtowers and breathtaking vistas
  • nature landmarks
  • romantic places
  • technical wonders and craft shops
  • museums and galleries
  • historic architecture

The variety surely satisfies even the most demanding clients. Should you decide to spend your vacation in Bohemian Switzerland, you may also be looking for lodging that is as accommodating as you need it to be. Our renovated bungalow located in Vysoká Lípa may be just the place you are looking for.

The property we have vacant is a standalone log bungalow on a large lot near the Kamenice River in one of the most picturesque places of Bohemian Switzerland.

Rental of the bungalow in Vysoká Lípa

There are 3 rooms available in the cabin with 4 single beds in each. Each room has its own private bathroom. A common kitchen and a separate living room with a TV and fire place are located on the ground floor. All standard cookware and dinnerware is available as well as an electric range.

An outside covered area with a grill invites for sitting with friends during summer days. The property has a large backyard with a pool. Private parking and bike storage is also available.

Tourists attractions in Vysoká Lípa

Some of the many attractive places in the area include Pravčická brána – the largest natural rock arch, the famous Jetřichov cliffs, and the beautiful canyon of the Kamenice River. The terrain suits all hikers, bicyclists and rock climbers alike. The town Vysoká Lípa is conveniently only a minutes’ walk away (approx. ¼ of a mile).

Week-long reservations

We favor group reservations for families or friends who wish stay a whole week or longer.

We are looking forward to your visit.

Sport and entertainment

  • pool
  • Jacuzzi
  • bike rental
  • table tennis
  • workout machine
  • horseback riding (upon request)


  • self-service

barbecuing, meat-smoking, pig roasting, or custom catering (upon request)

Bungalow in Vysoká Lípa – A Bohemian-Switzerland Vacation